Your Voice

“With all the suggestions from well-meaning counselors, teachers, websites, webcams, parents, etc… Lauren had lost her voice in her writing. You have given it back to her! Your humor (sarcasm) has helped Lauren (and me) through this grueling process of admissions!”                          — Lori C, Barnard parent

“The admissions officer noted on my acceptance letter that my voice came through in the essays. I believe this had a big part in helping me get in. Randy helped me improve my essays without compromising my own voice.” — Zach G., Yale

“The admissions officer added a handwritten note, where she said she loved Sarah’s essays. Your guidance, notes and examples really made the difference.” 
— G. M, Dartmouth Parent                                                                   

“I had a vague idea of what I wanted to say but had serious trouble getting anything coherent on paper. Randy’s invaluable guidance enabled me to write the best essays in my academic career while his sense of humor relieved a lot of stress. I wouldn’t have been accepted to my dream school without him.” — Bobby G., Columbia

“Invaluable help to our daughter and our family during the stressful college application process.  From helping her generate ideas to giving her guidance and keeping her on deadline (so that I didn't have to do the nagging!), Kiera's voice shone through in every essay.  Kiera was accepted early decision to her dream school. Thank you Randy!”  — Beth L., Duke parent

“Your coaching, patience and puns guided me to distinguish myself in my writing. I can surely say that you clearly helped me get into all my top choice schools.”          — Adel S., Berkeley

"Randy knew exactly what my essays should look like and although I thought at times an essay was done, he pushed me to work on them until he knew they were perfect. And he was right. I ended up with the best essays possible and acceptance to my first choice university."                                 —  Stephen S., Stanford

“The tone Randy set from the beginning made an otherwise difficult process easy for our daughter. He was frank with his advice, but lightened the mood with his jokes. Her voice was always able to come through…he helped her show the best parts of her personality and spirit. We are confidence that Randy's guidance played a large role  in our daughter's admission to top schools.”   
Joe B., Yale parent

"Melissa's essays are fantastic!!! You just connected with her and tapped into her brain. They speak exactly to who she is. You were worth every penny!!! I think you are amazing! She goes to a great high school but still told us, “I learned more about writing with Randy than in all my years in high school.” Liz C., Bucknell Parent

“Thank you for keeping me and my parents sane through the painful college application process. I'm extremely grateful for all your help. I'm really proud of what I put out there which I definitely couldn't have done without your advice.”  Jenn L., Boston University

Your Success

“Eight schools cited specific references to her essays. After seeing many of her highly qualified friends rejected where she was accepted, we know it was your help that made the difference.” — Karen A., Wake Forest parent

“I got in Dartmouth Early Decision because of you…using humor and wisdom... guided me, made me laugh, calmed me down… helped me build essays that showed off my best potential.” — Matt Y., Dartmouth

“Definitely helped me get accepted to Princeton University early action! I loved your honest, thoughtful (and funny!) feedback that showed me how to focus on winning topics and write my many essays efficiently and effectively.” — Paige K., Princeton

“You did a remarkable job…my daughter’s acceptance to Yale early decision… you took a lot of stress off the table by navigating Lauren through the process. I wish I knew you three years ago… my son would have been accepted to his number one choice with your help. That I am certain of.” — Isabella G., Yale parent

“Ethan was accepted to his top choice schools and we all feel that he couldn't have done it without your guidance. You also made the application process a lot less stressful. I am looking forward to working with you again when my second son gets there in two years!”                                               — Henry C., Cornell parent

“You were the best part of the whole process…terrific…. Samantha received ED Carnegie Mellon and was accepted at all 6 of her other top schools. You were a huge help!!!!”  —Randi C., parent

“Your help really made the difference. In fact, not only did I get into all the schools I applied to, my Stanford Admission officer mentioned specific lines from my essays in his congratulatory note to me!” — A. K., Stanford

“Your support and insights have been truly incredible, and exceeded our expectations.” — A. S., Cornell Parents

“Thank you so much for all of your help.  You made a painful, stressful and agonizing process much easier to manage…I was accepted to all of the schools I applied to.”  — Lexi A., Syracuse 

“My husband and I think you not only helped him with his essays but also made him a better writer in general. Thank you so much for all of your help, patience and guidance.  — Kristin M., Vanderbilt Parent

My Guidance

“You were such a great guide, humorous and amazing coach through the whole process. Our daughter’s essays certainly would not have looked the same without you.” — Hamilton E., Yale Parent

“Randy helped me write my essays in a unique, personal way….helped me manage my time when I had what felt like thousands of essays to write…kept me motivated and my writing fresh with his sense of humor. He responds with edits very promptly, and yet he is extremely thorough and makes sure my essays are true to myself. I cannot express enough how thankful I am for Randy’s help.” —  Jessica H.,  M.I.T.

“His constant guidance, quick replies and humor made the process as easy as possible. I wouldn’t have been able to attend my dream school without his advice and instruction.” — Randy T., Cornell

“You steered me in the right direction, not only with your advice and honesty, but also with your unmatched sense of humor… Your exceptional support, mentoring, and humor all played an integral role in my many acceptances.” — Aly V., Swarthmore

“…genuine in his questions and remarks… Made me feel like [he] is someone I have known for a long time. Thank you for getting me into college, Randy!”  
— Farzeen R., Emory
“You set me apart from thousands of applicants...[I’m] thankful for how accessible, honest and patient you were with me... Your jokes made me laugh... [You] made a stressful experience enjoyable.” — P.J., UPenn

“Absolutely fantastic. You have been a great guide and teacher to our've also made him a much better writer.” — N. C., Harvard parent

“With your coaching, guidance, and humorous "tough love" and motivational emails, our daughter was accepted to all of the schools to which she applied!”            — Brian L., UMich parent

"All your edits have been GOLDEN in making my essays 1000x more clear, concise, and reflective"
— Tristin N,  Georgia Tech

“Your guidance made all the difference in the world…Your incredible professionalism eased our stress”
— Linda A., Pepperdine parent

“Along the way, we had doubts and questions. You convinced us to trust you. We did. Great results for Jessica! We can’t be happier. Love your sense of humor.  Again, thank you for your great service!
S. Zhao., Colgate Parents 

“The application process was far more stressful then one could imagine, but you were a constant inspiration that kept Brian going. You go above and beyond in the highest manner and your assistance was excellent Brian’s essays were a big factor in the amount of acceptances he received.  Once again our sincere thank-you.”
Glenn  F. —  USC Parents

“You tell it like it is with humor and sarcasm – which is exactly what makes you stand out from all the rest.  Your straight talk and excellent counsel made all the difference.  You enabled her to put her best foot forward with the college of her dreams…her essays gave her the real edge.” — Colin H., Dartmouth parent

“BOTH my twins [boy and girl] accepted to UPenn Wharton… You have an incredible sense of what will make the best impact… distinguished themselves largely through their essays… they are the only two students from our high school to be accepted to Wharton in years… your assistance was invaluable.”                                                   — Caren P., UPenn parent

“I would not have been able to do it without your amazing edits and sarcastic commentary. Even your help on my scholarship essay was invaluable! My parents and I credit you for the substantial amount of scholarship money I received.” — Yuji S., Stanford

“My essays were a key factor in my acceptance to almost every school I applied to. You helped me stand out from other applicants. Throughout the process, you were always (brutally, at times) honest with me, but that was exactly what I needed. Your guidance impacted not only my admissions essays but also my writing in high school and beyond. You truly do know best.” — Julia L.,  Harvard

“We didn’t expect John to get offers from both of his dream colleges as well as all his other top choices but he did and we know he wouldn’t have achieved this without your guidance and support. Your help really made a big difference.” — Peter W., Columbia U parent

“Throughout the entire process, Randy was my lifeline. Thanks to his help, his sense of humor and his sarcasm, I am proud to say that I will be attending my dream school as a Presidential Scholar and a member of the Honors Program. As a side note, during my interview with the Dean of Admissions, he commented on how much he loved my essay.”  — Michelle W., GWU

“My daughter got into every school she applied to. We believe you were a big part of that success.  You were fantastic to work with, humorous, and kept her on track so I didn't have to nag her.”   — Marcia B., UPitt parent

Clients Accepted To:

Carnegie Mellon
Johns Hopkins
Chapel Hill
Case Western
Georgia Tech
Cooper Union
Texas A&M
Santa Clara
Washington U
William & Mary