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What’s inside College Application Essays: Stand Out – Get In:

• What’s the Point?
• Common Mistakes
• The Common Application Essay
• Supplemental Essays
• The Coalition Essay
• Things to Keep in Mind
• Writing Lesson
• Putting It All Together
• Pickles
• Buyer Beware
• Now You ZeeMee, Now You Don’t
• Checklist
• Resources


the book + Video Course for ONLY $24.99

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Six videos, three hours total

1. Overview – Lay the groundwork to be successful
2. Common Application Essays as well as Coalition Essays
3. Supplemental Essays

4. The “Why Us?” Essay
5. Introductions and other Bad Habits  
6. Time Management, Revisions, Critiques, Interviews, Deferrals, Rejections, and more.

Testimonials from Educators

“Randy unlocks the secrets of crafting an effective, authentic and unforgettable college essay…explaining the process in an entertaining fashion that students, parents, and counselors can relate to is the cornerstone of his book as well as his video course.” 
Louis A. Melchor, Principal Glen Ridge High School, NJ

"Perfect for parents and students...clear command of the material… obvious expertise...his book and video course are both engaging and funny… can’t recommend highly enough.”
Terrence Hinson, Assistant Principal: Northport High School, NY

“A must buy for any High School family getting ready for the college process. The author is concise, clear and provides excellent examples in a detailed and humorous way…provides you the tools and advice you need to write essays that will stand out. Highly recommend buying his book and video course!”
Howie Tiell, Guidance Counselor: NVRHS- Demarest, NJ

“Refreshing and lighthearted… extremely useful information and advice delivered with humor.”
Vincent J. Pisano,  Director of Guidance John F. Kennedy High School, Bellmore, NY

Hard to resist throwing in this one…

“I'm 6:40 in on the first video, and it’s already killing me. I've seen so many of these types of videos, and though you can glean a little here and there, every minute of this video is packed with honest and useful advice. Based on other college essay videos, I was considering hoping off a bridge so my son could write his essay about overcoming tragedy. (Though it likely wouldn't be viewed as tragedy in this house, but he could certainly play it off). Your book and video course are the absolute best resources I’ve seen….and you may have saved my life too.”
David Cherelin, Rochester, N.Y.