Video Course

Necessity is the mother of Neurosis! 

Since I limit the number of clients I personally work with per season, I have always been troubled by the many calls for my help that I was unable to accommodate.

I can’t clone myself… my wife says, “the world isn’t ready for two of you” (I think that’s a compliment, right?) so the next best thing is to offer you an alternative… my wisdom, my charm and your ability to pause or mute me.  

Each of these videos gives you a full and comprehensive understanding of the topic at hand along with examples from successful students and suggestions to stand out among the competition.

Six videos for a total of three hours of vital information and help

1. Overview – Lay the groundwork to be successful
2. Common Application Essays (New for 2017-18) as well as Coalition Essays
3. Supplemental Essays
4. The “Why Us?” Essay
5. Introductions and other Bad Habits  
6. Additional important stuff: Time Management, Revisions, Critiques, Interviews, Deferrals, Rejections, and more.

I  wanted to make this accessible and affordable for everyone so...

All of this for only

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