College Application Essays: Mistake # 6: Negativity is a bummer

The admission officer who is reading your essay is trying to get a sense of "you." He doesn't want to worry that you are going to either be the kid up on the clock tower with an automatic weapon or locked in your dorm room with a "Keep Out" sign on the door.


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Why are College Essays so important?

The college application essays are more important than ever

 Don’t take my word for it:

"The more exclusive the college, the more weight given to the essay than GPA"     New York Times

"The essay differentiates one top student from the next"       Stanford University Admissions Officer

Look at the stats:

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College Application Essays - Procrastination

I planned on writing an article about procrastination but I really should clean out the garage first. Although, now that reruns of Dragnet are on TV, I do want to catch up on that first….after my nap.

When should my teen start writing the common application essays?

The end of 11th grade is in many ways the most stressful time in a student’s high school career. SAT, AP, Regents and the last ditch effort to save the world so his resume will look more impressive to colleges.

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