College Application Essays: Mistake # 6: Negativity is a bummer

The admission officer who is reading your essay is trying to get a sense of "you." He doesn't want to worry that you are going to either be the kid up on the clock tower with an automatic weapon or locked in your dorm room with a "Keep Out" sign on the door.


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College Application Essays: Mistake #4: Not reading the college's website


Within the supplemental essays, each college is going to ask why you want to attend that particular institution.

If you are a guy, imagine this: You walk up to a girl and ask, “Will you go out with me?” She says, “Why me?” You respond, “I don’t know….you’re standing here.” (Obviously, not a good answer). Of course I only use a guy as the example because if any girl did the same thing to a guy, the guy would say, “Uh...YEAH.”

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College Application Essays: Mistake #3: Trying too hard to be creative

Students mistakenly view the essay as a creative writing exercise and proceed to produce pretentious pieces of prose void of true personality. “How My Life is Like the Phrases of the Moon.” “Why these essays are meaningless.” “How I am viewed through the eyes of my dog.”

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College Application Essays: Mistake #1: Writing about your academic accomplishments

Writing about academic accomplishments is a huge mistake

Deja Vu: These accomplishments are on the student’s transcripts. The admissions officer already knows your teen achieved high marks in twelve AP classes.

Birds of a feather flock together...

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