College Application Essays: Mistake #3: Trying too hard to be creative

Students mistakenly viewed the essay as a creative writing exercise and proceeded to produce pretentious pieces of prose void of true personality. “How My Life is Like the Phrases of the Moon.” “Why these essays are meaningless.” “How I am viewed through the eyes of my dog.”

Once again…the point of the essays is to showcase the student as a person….not showcase how creative the student can be. This doesn’t mean the essay can’t be fun and entertaining. Obviously we don’t want boring. However, don’t force creativity….

“Sweat dripped from my brow as the proctor meticulously handed out the nationally recognized assessment examination. My pulse raced and my heart pounded through my chest…” 

“It was a cold and dreary night when I first arrived in London. I could hear the faint whispers of the Bard himself beckoning me to the Globe Theater….” 

“It was all up to me. Bases loaded with two men out in the bottom of the ninth. We were suffering a dearth of three runs. I dug my cleats into the dusty granules of dirt, held my bat firmly and watched for the pitch like an eagle watches for its prey….”