More Testimonials

“I am so grateful to you… you genuinely care and put so much thought and effort into making sure I wrote the best possible essays… your humor kept me sane…I think you were the only reason my mom was sort of calm throughout this process”— Shelby W., Emory

“Thanks to you I’m attending my first choice school… avoided critical mistakes… made me more confident… my essays were the very best they could be” — Michael K, UPenn

“We could not have done it without you. You took a lot of stress out of the whole process… great approach to the essays… wonderful sense of humor.” — Suzanne N., Tulane parent

“Randy helped me each step of the way. With his support I was accepted into my top choice early decision. I couldn’t have done it without him.” — Mahak M., NYU
“Indispensable help... How best to present myself and express my ideas... Exceptional and often humorous advice.”                                             — Chris G., Georgetown

“Your advice and feedback helped me write essays that best represented me as a person. You were always patient, reachable, and very funny…you helped me get through the process with minimal stress.” – Angela M., Princeton
“Absolutely fantastic. You have been a great guide and teacher to our've also made him a much better writer.”                                           — N. C., Harvard parent

“Thank you so much for your patience, guidance, and bluntness throughout this process!” —  Alex G., Vassar
“We really appreciate all the time that you spent with kept him on track and prodded him along, guiding him the whole way…Best money we ever spent! I have two more boys so we will be using your services again!” — A.D., Northwestern Parent


Anonymous survey responses to: “What Did You Like Most About My Service”

What to Write:

  • Showed me the right direction to take my essays, but still let me write them in my own voice. Without your help, my essays would have been way off topic, which would have had a negative effect on my applications.
  • You knew more about me than I did and were able to suggest things that made each essay spot on.
  • Your ability to help me figure out what is the best subject for me to write about and which angle to approach it from.

Humor and Honesty:

  • Didn't sugar coat anything that was bad - that helped me efficiently write and edit the essays.
  • Brutally honest but still funny at the same time.
  • Great sense of humor during a very stressful time.
  • The humorous critiques greatly helped improve my essay.
  • He made the process very easy and took away a lot of stress.

Availability and Communication: 

  • Your availability at the least expected times when we needed you.
  • Extremely generous with time.
  • The amount of communication, whether by phone or e-mail: all my questions were answered.
  • Quick feedback and great collaboration of essay content and topics.
  • Very quick responses, actual help, funny guy.

Mom and Dad:

  • Your suggestions greatly enhanced my son’s essays and the success rate was 100%. He was accepted to each college where the essays were submitted.
  • Your persistence and perseverance with my son and with us the parents.
  • My son was totally comfortable communicating with you-no need of parents involvement in the process.