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Necessity is the mother of Neurosis! 

Since I limit the number of clients I personally work with per season, I have always been troubled that I am unable to accommodate all the requests I receive for my help

I can’t clone myself… my wife says, “the world isn’t ready for two of you” (I think that’s a compliment, right?) so the next best thing is to offer you an alternative… my wisdom, my charm and your ability to pause or mute me or slam the book cover shut

Why pay for a course or a book when there is so much free information out there?

Viewing videos from multiple sources will produce inconsistencies and conflicting viewpoints; only servicing to confuse you and slow you down
Utilizing a book that complements the video course reinforces all the advice and gives you an alternative when watching a video isn't convenient   

Why trust my video course and my book?

Watch my FREE videos on YouTube first. See for yourself.  As much as you will get out of them....they are only a fraction of what you will receive with my course and book. Additionally, read through my website to get a sense of my experience and expertise


The videos as well as the book will give you a full and comprehensive understanding of the topic at hand along with examples from successful students and suggestions to stand out among the competition. Both are delivered with humor so you won't be bored (hopefully) 

Testimonials from Educators

“Randy unlocks the secrets of crafting an effective, authentic and unforgettable college essay…explaining the process in an entertaining fashion that students, parents, and counselors can relate to is the cornerstone of his book.” 
Louis A. Melchor, Principal Glen Ridge High School, NJ

"Perfect for parents and students...clear command of the material… obvious expertise...can’t recommend highly enough. Engaging and funny… ” 
Terrence Hinson, Assistant Principal: Northport High School, NY

“A must buy for any High School family getting ready for the college process. The author is concise, clear and provides excellent examples in a detailed and humorous way…provides you the tools and advice you need to write essays that will stand out. Highly recommend buying!”
Howie Tiell, Guidance Counselor: Demarest High School, NJ

“Eliminates the unnerving aspects of applying to college and spells out the process clearly (and in an often humorous manner)...provides the perfect road-map for parents and students to guide them through the process. Money well spent for proper guidance...highly recommend”
David Favilla, English teacher: Syosset High School, NY

Six videos for a total of three hours of vital information and help

1. Overview – Lay the groundwork to be successful
2. Common Application Essays as well as Coalition Essays
3. Supplemental Essays
4. The “Why Us?” Essay
5. Introductions and other Bad Habits  
6. Additional important stuff: Time Management, Revisions, Critiques, Interviews, Deferrals, Rejections, and more.


I  wanted to make this accessible and extremely affordable for everyone so...

Video Course
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Yes, that's it.

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Book Content

Part One- What’s the Point?
Part Two - Common Mistakes
Part Three- The Common Application Essay
Part Four - Supplemental Essays Part Five-The Coalition Essay
Part Six- Things to Keep in Mind
Part Seven- Writing Lesson
Part Eight-Putting It All Together
Part Nine - Pickles
Part Ten - Buyer Beware
Part Eleven - Now You ZeeMee, Now You Don’t
Part Twelve - Checklist
Part Thirteen - Resources